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Suksomboon Palm Oil Industry

Originally, Chonburi?s agricultural area was used for sugarcane, cassava, pineapple and rubber tree plantation, but as the price for those agricultural products continued to decrease each year, farmers were looking for substitution. In 1986, Mr. Karoon Jintanalert traveled to the south of Thailand and noticed that most of southern farmers were farming palm oil. He took interest and foreseen the future in the industry. As he arrived back to Chonburi he formed a procuring group. Farmers in Chonburi and surrounding provinces approved of palm oil higher price and ease of care. Hence, palm oil farming expanded to the point where there was not large enough scale of eastern manufacturer to support the quantity of the produce. Farmers had to employ trucks to carry their produce to manufacturer in Choomporn province, which created high cost.


Mr. Karoon Jintanalert studied the possibility of building a palm oil processing plant and founded Sooksomboon Palm Oil Co., Ltd. and registered on August 18th, 1999, with the objective of supporting current and future palm oil produce and manufacturing quality palm oil products with modernized technology. Moreover Sooksomboon Palm Oil Co., Ltd. positions itself as educator and consultant to palm oil farmers, including professors and students from all institutions and also the general public.

  • Give advice on planting, caring, watering and sampling for optimization analysis
  • Educate on high quality palm oil production process
  • Educate on biodiesel substitution for diesel engine as our company is one of the researchers and developers of biodiesel energy. We are regularly invited to hold educational exhibitions on the benefit, limitation and procedures in producing biodiesel in Chonburi, Chiang Mai, and many southern provinces

Suksomboon Group

The largest company that produces palm oil in eastern Thailand. The company focuses on producing raw palm oil, and the best vegetable oil. The process starts from selecting the best seeds that are able to give the best finished products, distillation and filtration. Our products are safe for consumers and have good quality according to the company’s policies.

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