Suksomboon Group is the largest company that produces palm oil in eastern Thailand. The company focuses on producing raw palm oil, and the best vegetable oil. The process starts from selecting the best seeds that are able to give the best finished products, distillation and filtration. Our products are safe for consumers and have good quality according to the company’s policies. Suksomboon Group has 7 business units.

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Suksomboon Group

7 business units

Environmental policy

Suksomboon Group is a large scale palm oil producer who is committed to bringing environmental sustainability management into each and every process and operations, aiming to effectively improve and engage

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The company focuses on producing safe and quality palm and vegetable oil. Customer satisfaction is our priority. The company also focuses on developing employees’ quality of life and work environment.


Suksomboon Group 97 m.4 Hangsoong, Nongyai District, Chonburi 20190